Rules and Regulations

Landisville Pool 2021 Covid-19 Plan

•   New Pool Hours are Noon – 8 pm 

  • Guests: To be determined depending on CDC guidelines for outdoor venues.  New guest policy: up to 4 guests/day/family or single membership.
  • Six feet social distancing required in all common areas including check-in and when exiting the pool
  • Social Events:   Check the calendar for social events (4th of July, Raft Night, Christmas in July, Midnight swim, etc)
  • Covid-19 Signage will be posted in breezeway. 
  • PLEASE READ & follow posted guidelines for self-assessment upon daily entry.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s daily self-assessment, please review the posted procedure.
  • Adult Members will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk Waiver of Liability relating to Covid-19.
  • Snack Bar will be open and serving cold foods only. No hot entry items available. 
  • Water Fountains are CLOSED, however drinks are available at the snack bar.  You may also bring your own food and drink as well.
  • Grills will be available for member use,
  • Limited number of chairs available for member use. First come, first serve.  Members may bring your own chair.  A chair shed will be available to store your personal chairs (coming in July)
  • Pavilion Rentals & use of Picnic Tables are available. 
  • Toilet, Changing, & showers facilities will be available
  • Hand Sanitizer will be provided within the facility. (We encourage you to also bring your own personal supply).
  • Face masks are strongly suggested per CDC guidelines in common spaces and when entering and exiting the facility, unless fully vaccinated.
  • Fully vaccinated employees will not be wearing masks.
  • It is recommended NO face masks are worn while in the pool.
  • Basketball & Volleyball Courts will be open, no loaner balls supplied, you may bring your own for court use. New this year: Four Square! Bring your own ball.
  • Other games, books, goggles, nose clips, and toys will not be provided. Please bring your own.

Staff & Lifeguards

  • All employees & staff will be educated on Covid-19 guidelines & procedures.
  • Before each shift, employees & staff are required to adhere to the posted Self-assessment procedure.
  • Employees will wear a mask when having direct contact with the members unless fully vaccinated. Lifeguards will not be required to wear a mask while talking with staff or members within a safe distance.
  • All employees will follow social distancing.
  • In case of an emergency involving mouth to mouth resuscitation, guards will use a barrier device.


  • Restrooms will be disinfected frequently.
  • Front Desk area will be disinfected frequently.
  • Any member not following posted guidelines will be asked to leave the facility & risk membership revocation.


-          All members and guests use the pool and facility at their own risk.

-          The Landisville Pool is not responsible for any accident, injury, theft, loss or damage of property.

-          No alcoholic beverages are permitted on Landisville Pool property.

-          No smoking is permitted on Landisville Pool property, including the parking lot.

-          No use of profane or abusive language is permitted.

-          Action resulting in damage to Landisville Pool property will be charged to the responsible member.

-          Behavioral issues addressed by management may result in the revocation of the pool membership for the subject individual for              the remainder of the season, without a refund.

-          Only authorized personnel are permitted in the snack bar, front desk and office areas.

-          All members must check in at the front desk prior to entering.

-          Membership privileges are NOT transferable.

-          No one may utilize the facility unless authorized personnel are present.

-          While swimming, members and guests must wear appropriate swimming attire. No street clothes are allowed.

-          All private and/or public swimming lessons are to be coordinated by the management of the Landisville Pool.

Health and Safety at Pool Area

-          Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to utilize the facility without supervision of a parent, legal guardian, family                    member of at least 15 years of age or a caregiver. The supervising individual must remain on the pool premises while the younger          child is in attendance at the pool.

-          No pets allowed.

-          No one may utilize the pool unless a lifeguard is present and on duty.

-          The pool may be closed at the discretion of management.

-          Actions and/or noises, which distract the lifeguards, are prohibited

-          No talking to the lifeguard while on duty.

-          Only authorized personnel are permitted on the lifeguard stands.

-          No running on pool deck.

-          Do not push or pull anyone into the water from the deck.

-          No horseplay, towel snapping, wrestling, chicken fights, dunking or unsafe behavior deemed by the lifeguard and manager.

-          No diving in any area of the pool except for the diving well.

-          Inflatable tubes or toys are prohibited in the large pool, (Exception designated “raft nights”)

-          Members exhibiting open cuts, wounds, rashes, or abrasions should see a manager before utilizing the pool.

-          Do not throw stones, or any sharp objects in or around the pool.

-          Trash and recyclables should be disposed of in the appropriate containers.

-          No glass containers permitted in the pool area.

-          Infants and toddlers, who are still in diapers must wear a swim diaper.

-          Cooking devices are not permitted in the pool area. Only the cooking devices provided by Landisville Pool are acceptable.

-          In the event of thunder or lightning, the pool will be cleared for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.

-          Members will be required to exit the premises immediately in the event of lightning. If there are members who need to be picked          up, they will be able to remain in the breezeway until their ride comes for them.

Feature Pool

-          Infants and toddlers, who are still in diapers must wear a swim diaper.

-          With an adult member, children over 6 years may use the pool with lifeguard approval and only in a manner which does not                    disturb the use of the feature pool.  Children under the age of six may utilize the feature pool but must be accompanied by an                adult member

-          No diving in feature pool.

Diving Area and Diving Board Rules

-          Head and neck injuries can result from improper diving. Please always use caution when diving.

-          No swimming in the diving area without permission from authorized personnel. Diving boards and the ladders to the diving           boards must be closed if swimming is permitted in the diving area.

-          Diving board ladders may only be closed by a lifeguard or management.

-          Only one person on the diving board at a time.

-          No one may enter the diving area except from the diving board.

-          No one is permitted to jump or dive off the side of the board.

-          All diving must be from the front of the diving board (facing the 5 ft. section)

-          Do not enter the diving area until the previous diver has safely cleared the diving area.

-          Do not swim under the diving boards.

-          Excessive bouncing is not permitted on the diving board.

-          Children unable to swim out of the diving area unaided are not permitted to use the diving boards.

-          Diving board bracelets must be worn by children under 12 years of age after being tested and approved to dive from the boards by        management.

-          No one may adjust the diving boards.

-          Absolutely no inward or reverse dives (gainers) without permission from authorized personnel.


-          An adult member (15 years of age and older) must accompany all guests. Guests must be registered by an adult member at the              front desk prior to utilizing the facility. 

- Members must be in attendance while their guests are using the facilities.  

-          Guests are the responsibility of the host member.

-          Guest fees are posted at the front desk.

-          Members are limited to 4 guests per day, per family. 

Questions? Contact us at

50 Elm Ave Landisville PA 17538


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