Landisville Pool

Pavilion/Pool Rental Policy

The Landisville pool may be rented by members of the Landisville Pool based on the following rules and fee schedule:

Rules for Pool Rental:

A Pavilion/Pool Rental Application may only be submitted by a member of the Landisville Pool.

All Parties must be sponsored by a Landisville Pool member (18) years of age or older.

In consideration of other members, application for rental should be submitted to the Landisville Pool management at least two weeks prior to the desired rental date.

A deposit of $25 must accompany the application request to reserve the pavilion for the party and should be scheduled through the Landisville Pool Management.

The member renting the pool will be responsible for the behavior of their guests.

All guests of the party are expected to adhere to the rules of the Landisville Pool.

Parties must be adequately chaperoned by responsible adults. A ratio of one adult chaperone per 15 school age children is considered adequate and will be strictly enforced.

A list of guests must be provided indicating which expected attendees are members and which are not.

Members attending the party must present their membership card or they will be expected to pay the non-member fee.

Any person whose name is not on the guest list may be subject to the regular guest fee.

All rentals are subject to approval by the pool managers and/or the Landisville Pool Board of Directors.

Parties for groups over 30 can only be held outside of regular pool hours. Pool hours are generally designated from Noon until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and Noon until 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Outside of pool hours may involve time frames during which school is in session post Memorial day when the pool is open only during after school hours.

Any party that extends into the designated after hours timeframe will be charged the after hours rates regardless of the starting time.

Guest cards are not necessary

During pool hours Pavilion Rental Fee Schedule (maximum of 30 persons):

Half of the Pavilion – Maximum of 15 persons for 2 hours $40.00

Full Pavilion – Maximum of 30 persons for 2 hours $75.00

Each additional hour $15.00

Guest Fee for each NonMember $ 3.00

Outside of regular hours Pool/Pavilion Rental Fee Schedule: $150.00 plus a $50.00/hour lifeguard fee

A security deposit of $150.00 will be required for parties of over 100 people. Please note that the number of persons expected to attend must be set forth below and additional monies may be required in order to pay for additional life guards and associated fees.


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